The dance group XoroTroptzi was founded in October of 2012 in Los Angeles, CA by Veselka Vasileva with the support and assistance of Alina Marinova.Veselka first discovered the beauty and uniqueness of Bulgarian folklore at an early age as a dancer and member of the dance ensemble, Nashencheta with choreographer Ivan Ivanov (Pleven, Bulgaria). She was instantly mesmerized by spectacular colors and intricacy of the folk costumes; uniqueness of the Bulgarian music and rhythms; and the diversity and radiance of the dances, but most importantly by the smiles and joy people experienced while dancing or watching a performance. Therefore, years later when she moved to the United States, she wanted to share her passion for Bulgarian folklore with fellow Bulgarians and anyone else who wanted to learn some of the most popular Bulgarian line-dancing steps and dances, called Xoro.

In late 2014, Vasil Tsarev, a passionate folk dancer, former member of ensemble Aura (Sofia, Bulgaria), and alumni of the world-renowned dance group The Tamburitzans (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) joined XoroTroptzi.

Together, in January of 2015, Veselka and Vasil took the group to the next level by establishing a dance ensemble focused on building a repertoire of intricate dance choreographies from all seven folk regions of Bulgaria. The members of the ensemble learn, practice, and perform challenging footsteps and complex formations while maintaining synchronicity, upbeat energy, smiles, and having a great time.

Today, XoroTroptzi is a part of the non-profit Bulgarian-American Cultural Educational Foundation. The group has more than 50 active members who meet weekly in Culver City, CA. What unites all members of the group is their mission to preserve the Bulgarian cultural identity overseas and share their passion and love for Bulgarian folklore and traditions while having fun and building life-long friendships.

Veselka Vasileva & Vasil Tsarev

The XoroTroptzi ensemble has performed at Bulgarian and International Folk Festivals in Los Angeles and around the United States. Additionally, the group is available to perform at other public and private events, such as concerts, weddings, corporate events, dance summits, and etc. We also offer individual, small, and/or large group lessons and classes.

On Sundays, XoroTroptzi offer classes for levels, including beginners, and on Thursdays are ensemble’s rehearsals with advanced choreographies.

Last but not least, XoroTroptzi is always welcoming new members, of all levels, who are interested to get familiar and learn Bulgarian dances while sharing their positive energy and excitement with the rest of the group.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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